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Rooting Families in Christ and Community


Keeping kids in families in Honduras through investment in family businesses, community projects, and education to ensure children are rooted in families and the Gospel.


We believe in Family Preservation

Our Why

​Our passion is keeping children in families in Honduras. We believe children belong in families and God designed families for children. Many parents in Honduras face the harsh reality that they do not have the financial means or opportunities to provide for their family. 


Parents are often forced to make heart-wrenching decisions in order to provide for their family like feeding your child only one meal a day? Or separating the family while one parent seeks an employment opportunity afar?  Or choosing which child can go to school because you can only afford one uniform? Or surrendering one or more of your children to an orphanage where you know they will be fed and clothed?  These are just a few of the choices families may be forced to make. 


Breaking the parent/child relationship can be detrimental to a child’s physical, emotional, and mental health and development. 80% of children who are orphans in Honduras have a living parent.  We believe children should be rooted in families and should never be institutionalized if they have safe, loving parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, or other extended family members who would be happy to care for them if they had the means.  


We exist to keep kids in families by investing in family business, community development, education, and discipleship. We partner with parents through providing small family business investments in the form of loans, grants, and unconditional cash gifts while also addressing other physical and social needs of the family in our Family Preservation Program. 

Our Values

Rooted in Christ

We do this in order to glorify God and disciple our partners in the Gospel of Christ.

Empowered Partners

We put wheels on our partner families’ ideas. We want to give families the resources they need to do what they already know how to do well.

Safe Communities

We want to promote safe and healthy communities without the fear of poverty, violence, and/or persecution.

Families Together

We want to prevent and eradicate the separation of families and institutionalization of children.

Cultural Competence

We seek to understand and respect cultural customs while encouraging Christian maturity.

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