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Keeping kids in families in Central America through investment in family businesses, community projects, and education to ensure children are rooted in families and the Gospel.

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Rooting Families in Christ and Community

Our Programs

Family Preservation Program

Our Family Preservation Program (FPP) exists to eradicate institutionalization of children due to poverty in Honduras.  The primary purpose of the FPP is to keep families together who are at risk of separation. We do this by coming alongside parents of children 0-18 years old for 1-2 years. The families participate in a collaborative process to become self-sustaining through a small family business or employment assistance and other supportive services. Upon graduation from our FPP, families are self-sustaining and no longer fear separation due to poverty.

Community Development

Part of our mission is to root families in community. These projects include anything that helps meet a need of the local community. We typically do about 3-4 large projects per year. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook and subscribe to our newsletter to get updates on our community development projects!

Education & Discipleship

Our family preservation program director educates and disciples families in any areas identified as a need. We help with the educational costs for the children in our program. We also hope to expand this area of our ministry in the future through pastor’s conferences, parenting conferences, and vocational training.

Our Mission

We believe in Family Preservation

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