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The Family Preservation Program

At the core of Rooted International is family.  We keep kids in families and keep families together by investing in their dreams.

You Can Pray for our families.

Check our family profiles, where you can get updates on each family in our program so you know how to pray.

How we keep families together

Each year we identify and support families with children who are at risk of separation due to extreme poverty, joblessness, natural disaster, violence, and migration.  Since our inception we have given the gift of family to 62 children in 27 families.


We have helped them start their own businesses, learn new job skills, send their kids to school, receive medical care, and most importantly, stay together

The Impact on our Families

"My dream is, since I started to study beauty care, to get a proper beauty salon chair... But my biggest dream is to provide for my children better than my parents did to me, because they lacked those opportunities."

Vinda, mom, beautician, store owner

Father and Son in corn field
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