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School Partnership

Our partnership with local schools increases attendance, grades, long term student success, relieves financial burdens on families, and allows kids to dream of future possibilities.


New High School Program

In 2024 Rooted is taking on its largest community project.  In partnership with the local school, we will be helping them start a 10th & 11th grade (Honduran schools only go up to 11th grade) at the local school.  After 9th grade, most students become farmers, laborers, get married, and have their own kids because they cannot afford high school or do not have the means to travel to school.

We are helping the community launch their own high school, so all students have the opportunity to graduate high school and get a meaningful education.  A large project like this costs as little as $30,000 in the first year for teachers, curriculum, and equipment to send 20 teens to school.

After School Tutoring

In 2023 we started an after school program where students in upper grades can get extra tutoring and a free lunch 2 days per week.  The teachers volunteer their time after school and rooted provides the meals and a small gift for the teacher's time.  As a result fewer kids are repeating grades next year and more kids are dreaming about attending high school, college, and having professional careers.

School Supply Assistance

Not only does every child in our Family Preservation Program receive all the school supplies and uniforms that are required to attend school, we have helped over 80 additional students attend school.  This small gesture has paid huge dividends, increasing school attendance and enrollment by 45%.

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