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Medical Clinic Partnership

By partnering with the local medical clinic we are able to meet the needs of people outside our direct program, and create a space where people can go for immediate help.


A Little Help Goes a Long Way

The local medical clinic is run by a small team of dedicated nurses who provide medicine and care to hundreds of people every week.  Some days they travel on horseback to administer medications to the most remote people in the region.

Before our partnership, people would avoid going to the clinic because they did not even have the basic medicines for even the most minor ailments.  Now the clinic is the first place people go to receive help because their pharmacy is now 90% stocked (instead of 30%).  Rooted helped to create a warmer and more private and comfortable place to receive medical attention by adding dropdown ceilings, doors, and finished bathrooms to the facilities.

Over the next year we will continue to invest in this partnership and grow the kind of care people can receive from medical professionals.

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