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Feeding Center

By partnering with the local school, parents, and another NGO, Feed the Hungry, Rooted provided the equipment necessary for the feeding program to cook healthy meals for children in the community.


We Love Working with Friends

It all started with one woman's idea to feed the kids in the community who do not typically get lunch.  Shortly after our meeting her in 2022, we met a representative of Feed the Hungry who was starting a new program in Honduras.  All we needed was a building to cook in, appliances to cook with, food to cook, and volunteers to cook the food.

The local school provided the building, Rooted bought the appliances, Feed the Hungry  provided the food, and parents in the community volunteer to cook for their kids.  The program now feeds 140 students at the school every day of the week so they can get at least one healthy meal a day.

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