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Rooted's Impact on Families in 2022

We help kids stay in families and help families stay together in Honduras.

Family Preservation Program

In 2022, our Family Preservation Program helped nine families at risk of separation start small businesses, send their kids to school, and put food on the table.  Some of these businesses included a hair salon, a bakery, and a barbershop.  We also helped them start a few small farms.

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School Supplies & Desks

In Honduras, school is free, but the supplies and uniforms are not.  Yet, they are required for every student.  We provided 76 children in the community with the supplies necessary to attend school this year who would not otherwise be able to attend.

Additionally, the community's school was in desperate need of new student and teachers desks, so we helped by donating 50 new student desks and 10 new teachers desks to give them a comfortable place to learn and work.

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Health Center Partnership

Like many clinics in rural parts of Honduras, the clinic we chose to partner with is run by a dedicated few nurses Dennis and Ana.  Its supplies are limited and often not enough to support the nearly 2000 people and 8 communities it is charged to serve.  We helped by providing enough medical and dental supplies to assist 900 people with medical and dental needs.  Next year we plan to expand on this partnership.

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